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Our ABC courses.
Get started with Ballet for adults and for kids.

Ballet is not only a beautiful art form and way of expressing yourself, it also has many benefits:

- Toning the whole body

- Strengthening and lengthening muscles

- Increasing memory, balance, core stability & flexibility

- Improving coordination, musicality and rhythm

- Dancing increases serotonin levels making us happier!

Our Ballet Courses are specially designed to build week by week, encouraging confidence and a sense of achievement in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Our Upcoming events.

Level 2 Course - Starting January 12th 
Level 3 Course - Starting January 12th 
Intermediate Level - Starting January 12th
Levels 2 & 3 - Pirouettes Special Workshop 
We are currently scheduling all our 2020 Ballet special workshops and events, please keep going back to this place for updates.

Our teachers & mentors.
Meet them and learn from them.


Poland born, graduated in 2008 from the Feliks Parnell Ballet School in Lodz.

Ballet Mentor

Miriam Pierzak


Greece born, graduated from the Perm State Ballet School in Russia and the Salzburg International Ballet Academy in Austria. 

Ballet Mentor

Marios Charalambous

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