Reggaeton ABC courses with

Yonly and Despina

Learn how to really dance the night away with one of London's leading professional dancers, currently appearing in Gloria Estefan West End's musical, 'On your feet' at the Apollo Theatre.​

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"We are going to show you how to dance Reggaeton in no time and have fun doing it! Let's go!!!"


- Yonly & Despina

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The ABC Courses

Here at Dance Academy, we have been crafting a 12-week course that takes you through all of the steps you'll need to conquer the Reggaeton dance floors of London'd hectic scene. 


Each class starts with a warm-up and review of previous classes, we then take to the floor and work through some simple and effective technical exercises to apply in new moves each week!

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Meet Yonly & Despina

Cuban born, London living - Yonly is the King of Reggaeton. Among other credits, Yonly has been part of Show Afro Contemporary (Her Majesty’s Theatre, Contemporary Dancer in Show Chi’isi (The Yard Theatre), Ballet dancer at Roma Olympic Theatre, Choreographer and Dancer for Steve Lachance Company, Danza Si Academy competition Dancer, and Roma Festival (Choreographer / Latino International Salsa)


Cyprus born , London living - Despina has appeared in the following film and TV productions: Murder on the Orient Express (Longcross studios), Lee Cooper TVC (Flame Visuals), and Love Don’t Cry(Atomic Vibe), Ted Showcase (Newline Academy), UK Tango Championship (1st and 4th place) in London Dominican, Bachata World Championship(3rd place) in Amsterdam.

A quick glance at our Reggaeton courses...

Suitable for absolute beginners, no dance experience necessary.

A 12-week structured course that teaches you the foundations of dancing Reggaeton socially

Weekly class videos uploaded to the AcadeME to recap and monitor your progress.

Once the course has been completed, graduate with your Dance Academy Reggaeton Certification

The Location

Dance Academy Studio @ Nuffield Health Club, 9 Endell Street,

Covent Garden WC2H 9SA

Want to kick-start your course today? What better way than to experience your first lesson by video, ready to watch at your leisure - for free!

Upcoming 2020 Reggaeton ABC Courses

Book here for your upcoming Courses, booking can made for one person or for a couple dancing together.


January 13th to March 30th

Every Monday from 8.15 to 9.30pm

Covent Garden location

£149 per person per course


July 13th to September 28th

Every Monday from 8.15 to 9.30pm

Covent Garden location

£149 per person per course


April 20th to July 6th

Every Monday from 8.15 to 9.30pm

Covent Garden location

£149 per person per course


October 5th to December 21st

Every Monday from 8.15 to 9.30pm

Covent Garden location

£149 per person per course


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